Championship manager 5
Championship manager 5

Championship manager 5


Eidos' Championship Manager series is the #1 selling football management game of all time; however, we're not resting on our laurels! Over the last decade Championship Manager has gone from strength to strength, making armchair managers out of millions of players. For the next version, Eidos has put


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Eidos' Championship Manager series is the #1 selling football management game of all time; however, we're not resting on our laurels! Over the last decade Championship Manager has gone from strength to strength, making armchair managers out of millions of players. For the next version, Eidos has put together a dream team to ensure that Championship Manager 5 continues this fine heritage. Beautiful Game Studios boasts a 30-strong squad with over 150 years cumulative football game development experience, all aiming to enhance the qualities that make the game such a winner. Over the last few months we've been talking extensively to Championship Manager fans old and new to help us make Championship Manager 5 the ultimate football management simulation. Our new game engine takes Championship Manager fans to the next level of playability with faster processing, more accurate player actions and comprehensive tactics. NEED FOR SPEED Sick of having to put the kettle on between matches? CM5 will provide a much faster gaming experience than before with quicker loading times and constant gameplay. Championship Manager 5 does not lock the front end as it processes, therefore allowing you to access all screens as the matches resolve so you can simultaneously tweak your training regime or check out the scout reports of the day's opponents. Less waiting means more action! STAT ATTACK Previous versions of Championship Manager have relied on the good will of fans to provide information on the players in the game. This time around the developers have taken a more objective approach by combining a variety of data sources to ensure accuracy and impartiality. As well as fan scouts and a team of internal researchers, we're employing the services of the Professional Football System, a long-standing agency who provide information to actual clubs and managers around the world. Established in 1999, the services of the PFS have been utilised by clubs from The Premiership, Serie A and La Liga, including no less than the mighty Real Madrid. THE REAL DEAL For the new game we've paid particular attention to the detail! This means that as well as having the most accurate player statistics possible, we've also focussed on ensuring that the competition rules are true to what actually happens; i.e. if an English team were to win the Champions League, there wouldn't automatically be 5 teams in the following season's competition. Championship Manager 5 will be as up-to-date and accurate as possible, ensuring that the game is the most realistic football management simulation available. SHOW ME THE MONEY Further enhancing the game's realism, Championship Manager 5 will see an overhaul of the financial side of the game. A club's revenue will truly reflect the current situation it faces at the start of the game, however, depending on how it performs will determine future revenues and costs. For example, if a manager is successful in taking Sheffield Wednesday from League 1 to the Premiership, attendances will naturally increase and therefore as will gate revenues. Also, appropriate 'parachute' payments will be received when clubs are relegated from certain divisions. FACE OFF A new and improved user interface will make Championship Manager 5 the easiest to navigate version ever. Transitions between screens will be more straightforward; with explanations of what information is showing and how to get to associated information. Managers will also be able to navigate whilst matches play, allowing them to view screens and make decisions constantly. Additionally, gamers will be able to choose from a selection of page skins, allowing them to customise their Championship Manager experience to their own preferences. THE BIG MATCH – After years of following matches through text commentary, a brave new world was introduced in CM4 via the 2D overhead match engine. This proved a very popular decision and CM5 will utilise a similar approach yet with a quicker, smoother experience. For the first time ever, Championship Manager 5 will also offer a tilted pitch perspective, thus allowing managers to gain an added dimension to how they view matches by being able to see the height of the ball. Another improvement is a wider choice of match speeds; now you can choose to watch matches...This further adds to the overall increase in game speed in Championship Manager 5, giving the manager the option to experience matches in as little or as much detail as they wish and allowing them to play more matches, more seasons, more leagues. TACTICAL GENIUSThe tactics screen has always been a success in Championship Manager but BGS are taking it to the next level. As well as adding arrows for players to make runs, managers will now be able to add further arrows instructing players where to play the ball, into the channels for instance. ZONING IN ON THE ACTION Our new Action Zone screen splits the pitch into 9 zones, as opposed to the 3 in CM03/04, thus providing the manager with greater detail on where the match action is taking place and how possession is being shared between the teams in each zone. This allows for more informed decisions to be made on tactics, player selection, substitutions and training. IT'S TRAINING MENCM5 will offer a more user-friendly training module, albeit still with a comparable amount of detail. The area will be more accessible and useable for CM5 gamers and will allow them to manage the training aspect in as much or as little detail as they wish. Training schedules will be easier to implement, and BGS has been working closely with Charlton Athletic's UEFA Pro certified First Team Coach, Mervyn Day, who has designed optimised training regimes for the game to deliver absolute realism. SEARCH FOR A STARUnearthing undiscovered players is a huge part of football, and therefore of Championship Manager. The scouting system in CM5 is being tweaked to enable more specific searches to be carried out. SEAL THE DEAL A fully realistic transfer model is being employed, encompassing an array of factors including finances, reputation and player personalities. Buying players will be more than a case of simply offering the cash, so attempting to lure Ronaldo and Zidane from Real Madrid to Chelsea will not be a formality. You will first have to establish yourself as a decent manager with the potential to win major trophies, and the loyalty of the players in question will also prove a key factor. As of course will their wages.

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